Greetings from the Chairperson

Thank you for visiting the 74th Kiin Festival's Official Website!
This year's theme is「灯(tomoshibi)」.
We aim to create a festival where everyone shines brightly and warmly.

We believe that a school festival is a place where various kinds of fate-like connections are made.
The success of this event is possible with the involvement of not only the Festival Committee members, but also of Ochanomizu University students, members of the affiliated schools, teachers, local community members, and all those who will come from various universities and communities on the day of the event.
And the reason why the 74th Kiin Festival can brightly exist is because of all the history and relationships that have allowed the festival to continue for 73 years without being overcome by various difficulties.

November 11th & 12th, 2023
We wish for everyone who joined us for our 74th festival to shine like a "tomoshibi" or "light", and brightly and warmly illuminate the Kiin Festival.
To create the 74th Kiin Festival, the Kiin Festival Committee members, numbering 205 in all, are still making all-out preparations.

We would love for you to stroll on over to our 74th Kiin Festival shining ever so brightly like a "tomoshibi".
All the committee members and students of Ochanomizu University are looking forward to meeting you all.

Chairperson of the 74th Kiin Festival Committee

Kiin Festival Committee Introduction

〜Administration Department〜

The Administration Department is composed solely of third-year students and is responsible for overseeing the entire Kiin Festival as well as the Committee.
This year, we are striving to create a festival and committee that values communication.Like the root of a large tree, this department provides support in various areas such as maintenance, accounting, legal affairs, and human resources to make Kiin Festival greater than before.

〜The Planning Department〜

The Planning Department consists of 4 major parts: Guest, Stage, Contest, and Participatory Projects. Each project is working hard to plan and manage the event so that all visitors can enjoy it.
In addition, as a department that can actually be involved with visitors in close proximity, we aim to plan and operate a variety of projects to convey the charm of the Kiin Festival.

〜Public Relations Department〜

The Public Relations Department works on three areas: information and publicity, external relations, and art, and uses a variety of approaches to publicize the Kiin Festival.
The department is responsible for a wide range of support to ensure smooth operations, from the management of the official SNS and website, to the creation of official PR-related productions such as pamphlets and posters, as well as handling sponsorship and media coverage. We are working to support the management of the Kiin Festival with the goal of showcasing the festival and involving more people in the event.

〜General Affairs Department〜

The General Affairs Department provides support to the 80+ groups participating in the Kiin Festival. Specifically, we collect and compile the necessary documents from the participating groups, prepare the locations and items to be used on the day of the festival, manage food and garbage, and provide operational support for academic projects. Since communication with the university and the public health center is essential for these activities, we also play a role as an intermediary between the participating organizations and the committee members.