What is Kiin Festival?

The Kiin Festival is Ochanomizu University's school festival held in November every year.
This year will be our 74th year celebrating this event.

The name "Kiin" came from our auditorium, the Kiin-do, in which our very first festival was held.

74th Theme「灯(tomoshibi)」

The theme of "tomoshibi"(light) is based on the wish for each person to shine and brightly illuminate the Kiin Festival.

The word "tomoshibi" expresses the determination of all the committee members to make the Kiin Festival glow like a "tomoshibi".

The motif of the logo is the light created by each and every one of our shining visitors.We also combined warm colors and purple to express both the Japanese feel of a single kanji character and the traditions of Ochanomizu University.

With the festival's illuminating energy, we are excited to host an even greater Kiin Festival.