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Ochanomizu University's Kiin Festival will mark it's 74th anniversary this year. Although the 71st, 72nd, and 73rd festivals were held partly or entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to celebrate them every year because of your support.

We owe you all our deepest gratitude. 

This year's festival will be held on November 11th (Sat.) and 12th (Sun.).The Kiin Festival Committee members are working hard to prepare for the event so that everyone involved can enjoy the festival to the fullest. 

We ask for your understanding and cooperation to make the 74th Kiin Festival a success.

74th Kiin Festival Committee Chief of Liaison

For Companies and Businesses

Advertising Sponsorships

・Advertisements on Paper Pamphlets
The name and image of the company will be listed as a sponsor on the paper pamphlet distributed to all visitors on the day of the Kiin Festival.

・Banner Advertisements
The company name and image will be posted on a special site as the sponsor.When visitors click on the image, they will be able to jump to the link specified by the company.

・Link Sponsorships
The sponsor's name and a link to the sponsor's website will be posted on a special site.

Product Sponsorship

Sponsored products will be used as prizes and participation awards for projects run by the Kiin Festival Committee.Please contact us regarding the contents of the goods.


In addition to advertising and product sponsorships, we have received the following types of sponsorships in the past.

・Cooperation in membership registration
・Cooperation in mobilizing people for events
・Cooperation in answering questionnaires

For Individuals

We are currently asking alumni to support the 74th Kiin Festival.

In addition to the projects run by the Kiin Festival Committee members, various other projects are held every year on the day of the festival, such as performances by student circles and academic presentations.
The Kiin Festival is a place where Ochanomizu University students can also play an active role.The funds received from individual sponsors will be used as the festival's operating expenses such as the production of pamphlets, stage management, etc.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation for the success and further development of the 74th Kiin Festival.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding sponsorship, please contact us at the following address.

Ochanomizu University 74th Kiin Festial Committee
Chief of Liaison  kifc2023.shogaityo★ 
PIC of Advertising Sponsorships  kifc2023.kyousan★ 
PIC of Product Sponsorships  ​​​​​​buppin2023kifc★ 
(Please contact us by replacing the "★" symbol above with the "@" symbol.)

"Ochanomizu University Student Commons KIFC Room
2-1-1 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
112-8610, Japan"
TEL/FAX 03-3943-3418