The 73rd Kiin Festival requires advance registration. All attendees must register prior to the festival. 
* If the number of participants exceeds the capacity, a lottery will be held. Please register after carefully reading the conditions below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the advanced registration, please contact: kifc2022.yoyaku★ (★→@)
(It may take more than 24 hours for us to reach out. Please be careful of the deadlines.)

The newest information will be posted on our website, Twitter, and Instagram. 
Please check for new information if you are planning on entering the campus.

We look forward to many of your applications.

Before you apply

Please check the following measures against the new coronavirus infection before applying.

  • Conditions for prohibiting entry to campus
  1. Those who have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more or a temperature that is 1 degree or more above their normal temperatures.
  2. Those with severe headache or cough.
  3. Those who have fatigue, dyspnea, or impaired sense of taste or smell.
  4. Those who have a history of contact with coronavirus patients or suspected patients (including fever of cohabitants) within 2 weeks.
  5. Those who cannot wear a non-woven mask when entering the campus. (People under the age of 5 are not required to wear a mask but are encouraged to do so.)
  • Infection control
  1. Except for meals and performances, non-woven masks are to be worn at all times.
  2. Thoroughly wash hands and disinfect hands.
  3. Arrange seats, lines, and places of use, to ensure distance between people (at least 2m as much as possible).
  4. Do not speak louder than necessary.
  5. Try to avoid the 3 Cs (crowded places, closed rooms, close contact).
  6. Communicate and respond promptly when infection is discovered.
    *If you have any symptoms that may indicate infection, please contact the nearby Kiin Festival Committee.
    If an infection is found within two weeks, please contact the Kiin Festival Committee by email.
    MAIL:  kifc2022.sub★
    (Please change the "★" to an "@" when you send an email)

Advance Registration Schedule

・Ochanomizu University Students 

・Ochanomizu University Students' Relatives

・Students from Ochanomizu University’s affiliated schools and school staff

・Prospective Students(High school students thinking about applying to Ochanomizu University)

・General Customers

**The website may have some issues due to the overwhelming access at registration start times.
The registrations are not first come, first served, so please try again after some time.**

☆ Advance Registration Website

Reservations for entry to the campus have closed.
Thank you for Ann your applications.