Greetings from the President

The 73rd Ochanomizu University Kiin Festival will be held in 12th(Sat) and 13th(Sun), 2022 as a hybrid of face-to-face and online.

The theme of this year's Kiin Festival, chosen by the students, is "Stella", which means a beautiful shining star in the night sky, wishing for the happiness of all people around the world. We are waiting for you with a variety of projects prepared by the students with the thoughts of the two years that could not be held face-to-face. We hope that the event will be held with sufficient attention to infection control, and that all visitors and those who participate online will have a fun and sparkling time with the students.

(In addition, depending on the infection situation in the future, the format of the event may change.)

President of Ochanomizu University
Yasuko Sasaki

What is "Kiin Festival"?

The Kiin Festival is Ochanomizu University's school festival held in November every year.
This year will be our 73rd year celebrating this event.
The name "Kiin" came from our auditorium, the Kiin-do, in which our very first festival was held. 


The theme of this year's festival, "stella", means "star" in Italian.

Our hope is for everyone to shine through the Kiin festival. We hope that a constellation of people will form and connect with each other no matter how far apart they are. 

The newly refined logo represents both tradition and innovation which the 73rd Kiin Festival strongly values.

Theme song

『The Rain of Stars』

Organization name:ε
Composition:Hoshisigure(Star drizzle)

Song concept

At first, only a limited number of stars could be seen, but as the clouds broke apart, the sky became full of stars, and I made it with the image of stars pouring down like rain.

I would be happy if I could express the theme of the 73rd Kiin Festival, "Stella," which is "The activities of individuals, groups, and visitors will make the festival even more fulfilling."

From Composer

I was surprised because I didn't expect "The Rain of Stars" to be used as the theme song. Through this song, I would be happy if I could add more brilliance to the 73rd Kiin Festival.